How to get Plants vs. Zombies for free on mac OS X 10.8.X!!! The regular price on the mac app store is $10 but however, you can get it for free!!!! Totally legal, with no torrent! Please help out my new channel by rating, commenting, and subscribe! Don’t forget to share this video with your friends!!

Link for download:

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Plants vs. zombies are usually $10 on the app store, but by downloading this app using the link above, you can get this for free!!! This is totally legal, because if it weren’t, I would be in jail, and also this method is easy to understand!!

Please note that this is only for mac os x 10.8.x and will not work on os x lion (10.7.x)

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41 thoughts on “Get Plants vs. Zombies on Mac app store for free!

  1. Thank you very much for providing this video!! Now I can play on my new computer!
    A PVZ obsessed person!

  2. After every level, Pvz will just quit, is there some way to fix this?
    By the way it works, it's just annoying you know.

  3. It sometimes crashes, but it's easy to fix when it does. Just exit the terminal page and reopen with terminal and boom done.

  4. so you want to find the download right click and hit view contents then click on macOS and then right click on plants vs zombies then open with terminal

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