Best M416 attachments. Does suppressor affect recoil? Which grip is better? Does the Stock mess up recoil? Find out in this video.

I hope you enjoy another of my pubg / playerunknown’s battlegrounds guide / tutorial videos which is filled with my best tips & tricks.

A special thanks goes out to FiX_ for helping me making this happen. Follow him at twitter here:
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21 thoughts on “GUIDE: The BEST Attachments for the M416 – MYTHS BUSTED! – PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)

  1. It’s been 2years, very recently it seems like M416 gonna have another nerf update, perhaps WJ could do another update video?

  2. They were not wrong about suppressor helps control recoil. Its the game that made a mistake about it. In real life a suppressor adds weight at the muzzle tip so it helps.

  3. All you work is "wrong" im sry…. basically… your work/effort is good, but you set up the parameters wrong,, your testing how well water flows through a non-hollow hose (while you wanted to see how well water flow through a brand new hose) this is my copy paste form reddit.

    -You're all beyond stupid im sry, You are ALL (read lots of posts inhere now trying to get actual stats on specifically "Weapon Steadiness"'s exact function (Crosshair's speed of contracting back into a "precise" aim again? or?)

    Anyways when looking for this, i see all you "Pro" streamers/youtubers" make you "tests" … well tests and experiments are ONLY as good as the human setting up the parameters, and you ALL made tests about spraying with the new attachments… you do realize they arent invented for spraying yea? some was invented irl for mobility, others for double tapping, others for 1 single steady shot whiel still have mobiity, some are meant for covers, some are meant for "on-the-move" but almsto ALL of em are NOT meant for spraying so ofc you get bad result with over half of em… NONE of em are invented/meant for full on spraying, no such thing exists and dunno why Gamers keep seek this, on top of this, You cannot get a Grip that is the "best of both worlds" lol wtf how literally "STUPID" are ppl for saying/asking for this lol. You can "grip" your gun in order to get 101% precision on 1 shot, 95% precision on 2 shots (doubletap) or simply, grip your gun in order to have fast mobiity+aim…. thats it.. no more magic wonder solutions.. pick one and fight…

  4. The testing was very flawed, You cant realy test anything besides vertical auto recoil in this manner and even that isn't completely well done. You didnt test single shot stability, third person bloom/recoil, or any other important stuff – in fact, the ''sum up'' was a slap in the face. who doesn't know all of this? Compensator is better at compensating for recoil than flash, duh. Also, didn't test if the suppressor hides flashes. No long range shooting tests either. People need to stop the tardhype train about pubg and quit making videos which hardly make any sense. This game is very simple, more than most people think. Also, you failed to mention sights? You should at least have shown the M4's 4x reticle and maybe some thoughts on the sights themselves. However, what little you did was done fairly ok, you could vastly improve these videos and make them have some real substance to them ^^^^ . Also mentioned sway but didn't test it.

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