How To Aim Down Sights In Player Unknown Battlegrounds. This quick and easy video will show you PUBG how to look down sights. Drop a LIKE and nice little COMMENT if this helped! 🙂
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PUBG has a pretty cool aiming system which can throw off brand new players. There are multiple ways of aiming which cater for more precise or general aiming. This is how you aim down the sight of your gun! Simple follow the steps shown in the video. This is especially useful when aiming down scopes using sniper rifles and such.

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24 thoughts on “How To Aim Down Sights In Player Unknown Battlegrounds (QUICK & EASY) – PUBG How To Look Down Sights

  1. i like how a video like this needs to be made instead of the devs having even the most basic of tutorials or key bind descriptions

  2. Died pretty quick cos of the circle, was on the outskirts and forgot about it. Just bought the game and had no idea how to use my healing, ended up dropping them and not realizing it, lol. Thanks for the quick, informative video… Subscribed!

  3. i thought this would be the stupidest video i have ever seen but i must admit i actually learned something i didnt know the right click hold, oh god xD

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