This is an subjective/alternative explanation & theory of IU’s ‘eight’ music video. There is no intention of disrespecting Sulli, Hara and Jonghyun, but rather tries to spread more awareness against hate comments, by trying to understand the pain and message that might underlie in this MV. If by any chance ads appeared on this video, it is not our intention. This video has gotten copyrighted due to the use of music, thus the advertisements are automatically run by YouTube, out of our control. We do not gain any of the profit.

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48 thoughts on “IU – eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) Explained by a Korean

  1. This is an subjective/alternative explanation & theory of IU's 'eight' music video. There is no intention of disrespecting Sulli, Hara and Jonghyun, but rather tries to spread more awareness against hate comments, by trying to understand the pain and message that might underlie in this MV. If by any chance ads appeared on this video, it is not our intention. This video has gotten copyrighted due to the use of music, thus the advertisements are automatically run by YouTube, out of our control. We do not gain any of the profit.

  2. You're literally letting 600k of your subscribers and idk how many other viewers run rampant with inaccurate and disrespectful theories about the deceased artists and iu herself, art is subjective but we shouldn't cross the line about invasing her personal life, and this is exactly what you're doing no matter how respectful you're trying to stay. You should've kept it to yourself

  3. You said you didn't mean to disrespect her friends but what you're doing here is leading do many of your followers to start talking loosely about them just check the comment section i can't go through it without getting triggered. Also It's not cool to assume things about someone's grieving, and their relationship with their friends. All of this are very private things that we shouldn't poke our nose into just because they're public figures. Also IU herself explained it differently this is just disrespectful to everyone involved to make theories about such a sensitive thing about all of their lives. I get that art is subjective but still this is a very sensitive topic and as strangers it's not our place to make it about her friends and her private feelings. As a fan of all three i feel so uncomfortable the way people talk about them as if they know those people personally. I'm mostly a shawol and i'll tell you how we react to songs his friends released after his passing, first of all we know not to make assumptions unless they give a huge hint or just directly say it's about him because 1-it's not our place as fans to judge how they feel about him and how much they share about him 2-it's super triggering for us and everyone else and we don't want to ruin anybody's experience with the song for no damn reason. Since IU's song got released despite what she explained people like you kept making their own theories which were very invasive of her and other artists' personal lives so many shawol, meu and kamilia got triggered and expressed their frustrations. I was on twitter and i broke down a few times trying to correct people who knew nothing about him acting like they could say anything just because those are public figures. It's not cool,please. I'm just trying to remind you that if you thought he song connects to their passing, you can interpret it that way but expressing it on a public platform and causing for it to spread as if it's a fact, which is exactly what happened with this song people now think that this is the actual meaning while it's nothing more than a personal interpretation, it's not okay at all and smells like clout seeking to me no matter how kind and careful you are about it.

  4. Something I really wanted to bring up is IU’s use of color in her music videos and song, it’s so well done! (p.s. I’m an art kid so I literally study color)

    The producers really pay attention to the smallest of details.

    Of course the main color of the ‘eight’(애잇) music video was orange. 🧡🧡🧡
    ”우리는 오렌지 태양 아래, 그림자 없이 함께 춤을 춰” / ”Under an orange sun, We dance with no shadows”

    For IU’s last comeback, the title track was ‘Blueming’(블루밍).
    Orange is on the opposite end of the color wheel to blue. 💙💙💙

    [short summary:

    The Blueming music video is about her waiting for reply, she shows this through the colors blue and grey, like when your texting someone, your texts are in a blue bubble, and the other person is in a grey bubble.]

    I think she chose the color orange because it’s the opposite of blue, because it’s not her waiting for a reply. It’s not a conversation like in Blueming. It’s the opposite.

    I don’t exactly know what the opposite of a conversation is, so leave theories in my replies.

    But in my interpretation, it’s not a conversation, it’s a ‘goodbye’ or a ‘farewell’.

    Usually people would associate goodbyes with dark cold colors, like grey or dark blue. But I think IU purposefully chose orange because it’s a warm color.

    Her goodbye isn’t sad or gloomy. It’s warm and loving.

    Eight(애잇) is IU’s warm and bright goodbye. 🧡🧡🧡

  5. I Love this Song truly💕. For my own analysis, research & opinion. Even If I can calculate this, I think it's obviously 98.87% nearly in accurating explanation of this video. For me it's APPROVED. Why?? To be honest, when I watch and heard this song video, this can be related not only for IU, but also for all of us. Because we are a human being too like her, it's like an methapor, music that can shake our feelings, and there is something a lot of impact into my emotions, curiosity drives, and encouraging me to knowing a lot about Lee Ji-eun's life. Maybe her life is so difficult and confusing. But I don't assume that I'm correct. Just remember it's only my opinion. I Celebrate My birthday today and so on day 16th of May, Happy Birthday Lee Ji-eun!! ..

  6. Thank you David. I always remember the three young stars who died too young Rest In Peace Sulli, Hara, Jonghuyn.

  7. I can't imagine losing any of my dear friends. Let alone three. I hope this song has helped her heal and that it is able to heal the hearts of those who were also hurt.

  8. I think wen she’s looking at the camera during the last scene as if she’s disappointed, she’s looking at them like are you happy that you’re spiteful actions killed the ppl i care about? Like is this wat you wanted? That’s my thoughts and I’m glad I’m not alone on that after seeing a comment with the same yet different interpretation.

    Ima go a bit on a rant here about kpop fan culture in korea and internationally and lemme tell you it just sucks. How many more idols have to suffer physically and mentally for everyone to get that they’re not anyone’s puppets or dolls to be owned? Wen will the media get that they’re frikin human beings who just want to do wat they love only to end up loosing that passion bc of pressure, spiteful haters and toxic fans that only care about using them to fulfill their fantasies???? WHEN??? When will it frikin end? Apparently, jonghyun, goo hara and sulli’s deaths weren’t enough for everyone to open their god damn eyes. Just another sob story that went viral and died down a week later and the cycle continues. Just, I don’t get how everyone acts so inhumane like this, actually yes i do, it’s sad and pathetic and should feel ashamed of themselves as a person, but watever, they only care about themselves and only themselves.

    I know there are THOSE ppl out there that are gonna think I’m “overreacting” or watever, well, SORRY Jan, I didn’t know deeply caring about idols’ physical and mental well being and free will is a forbidden sin, my bad. Are you happy now?

  9. Thank you so much for explaining behind the meaning of the lyrics, great tribute for her friends who are in a much better place💕

  10. I just found about this theory and now I cant consintrate on my schoolwork because im crying and hard. And this hits harder because I've thought about suicide and I still strugle with selfharm and suicidal thought.

  11. Did anyone notice 3d animated version girl had mole on her cheek, just like sulli. Who smiled after seeing 2d animated version smile as she flew to that island, where they'll meet being young n happy.
    4d-3d-2d very smart approch, its like going back where u started as u were then happy, young n togethr, full of dreams

  12. I'm already in tears listening to this song even before I learned the lyrics or the theories. Beautiful song.

  13. I actually love hearing sad songs a lot, but this really hit hard since they're talking about things that really happened to them

  14. Love your take on stuff; video images, hidden messages, personal meanings, etc. You are so insightful! Thanks for giving us something to chew on💕

  15. Although there are few things that I disagree with your interpretation, I appreciate that you strongly mention multiple times that you are not trying to represent IU's intentions in any way. I love how you're being genuinely careful at interpreting this.

    Plus, I still think this is the most accurate theory even with the interpretations I disagree with. Great video!

  16. I cried by the end of IU smile looking at her friends 😢 I can feel the sincerity and real meaning if the song. Big thumbs up for both IU and Suga for this great song 🖒

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