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Welcome to a Plants vs Zombies 2. Today we are checking out a Brand New Plant called the Tumbleweed

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41 thoughts on “NEW "TUMBLEWEED" PLANT – Plants vs. Zombies 2

  1. The most satisfying plant in the game especially if it knockback zombie back from the start soundling like a mega combo

  2. Plants VS zombies:
    tumbleweeds are single use

    Tumbleweeds making hundreds of them selves with a single tumbleweed:am I a joke to you?

  3. It would b nice if ea could stop sponsoring people and start helping in customer service because I have 5 games I can’t play due to my ea account being “invalid” 😒

  4. Love ya vids Z. My son watches ALL your vids, especially PvZ2 & other channels about other games NOT made or sponsored by Evil Antagonists…EA.

  5. Im really not get it. Tje pvz 3 Beta was Like months ago, we still dont have it but they releasing still new plants for pvz 2.

    Congrats. Working on an old game while the new one isn't even finished. Yea. That's how you should focus on things. Gg developers

  6. I haven't played since a little bit after they added the daily challenge section and… ohhhhhhhh boy, has this game changed. I can hardly recognize anything..

  7. Tumble is interesting and with your advice I regret saying bad things about it and it’s better then bowling bulb

  8. I have so many gems, cant wait to spam the pinata to get the Tumble Weed to mastery, I hope it would cost 0 if mastery and I hope is cooldown is as fast as a Mastery blover. Gotta love the Wall nut bowling vibe to be back

  9. Fun Fact: I actually made a tumble weed concept before this came out.
    Also Fun Fact: My brother made a shadow pea concept before it came out, except that it’s not active from Moonflower.

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