Great new PVZ series Two plant competition. Plants vs Zombies 2 comparing two plants: Coconut Cannon vs Strawurst.
PvZ 2
Coconut Cannon is the fifth plant obtained in Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player can tap on the Coconut Cannon to fire a coconut in a straight line. Upon impact with a zombie, the coconut will explode, dealing 45 normal damage shots to the initial target as well as 15 normal damage shots to all enemies in a 3×2 area around it. After firing, Coconut Cannon will have to wait for 16 seconds before it can fire again.
Sun cost: 400

AREA: 3×3

Coconut Cannons fire down a single lane, causing a medium explosion on impact.

Usage: tap to fire
Special: On impact, explodes in medium area

Sure, he’s a hairy old man, but Coconut Cannon can still fire on all cylinders. The reason he’s so hairy: he’s in-between waxings.
When fed Plant Food, Coconut Cannon will release a gigantic coconut, pushing all zombies to the rightmost edge of the screen and dealing 60 normal damage shots to all of them in a 3×3 area at the end. Coconut Cannon will also immediately go into cooldown afterwards.

Pvz 2
Strawburst is a special-edition premium lobbed-shot plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that could be bought for a limited time during the Summer Nights event (both 2015 and 2016). Strawburst also made a brief return during the Food Fight Piñata Party and was available in stores during the 2016 Valenbrainz event.

As its description states, it has three types of damage depending on how long the player waits for its berry to grow. Upon contact with zombies, the initial small berry deals 10.05 normal damage shots to a single zombie, the medium berry deals 20 damage to a tile-full of zombies, and the largest berry deals 45 regular damage on a 3×3 area. Also it self-destructs when zombies try to eat him.

It takes the plant for 10 seconds to grow from small to medium, and 15 seconds to grow from medium to big. After firing a berry of any size, it needs 8 seconds to regrow. This means the total time between firing a berry and it growing back to a big berry is 33 seconds
Sun cost: 400

AREA: 3×3

Strawburst grows a berry for small, medium or huge damage!

Usage: tap to fire
“Big is good,” says Strawburst. “Though small’s pretty choice as well. And you should never discount medium. I just like sizes, really.”

Plant Food effect
When fed with Plant Food, Strawburst will instantly grow to full size and laugh as a huge strawberry drops from the sky, which explodes after 5 seconds and deals 20 normal damage shots to all zombies on the lawn while Strawburst grins at the carnage.

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