Here’s a video how to get Plants Vs Zombies Free 🙂 You see it’s Pretty simple 😉
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Information about Plants Vs Zombies —

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game developed and published by PopCap Games for Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhone OS. The game involves a homeowner using many varieties of plants to repel an army of zombies led by the evil “Doctor Zomboss”, a giant machine with a mad scientist-like zombie commanding it. The homeowner, along with a neighbor called Crazy Dave, must defend the homeowner’s house during day or night, in the front yard and the backyard (2 two-lane strips alongside with one 2 lane strip of water), and even on the roof. It was released on May 5, 2009. An Xbox 360 version is reported to be in development, and was announced at Casual Connect in July 2009. The game received a positive response from critics, and was nominated for multiple Interactive Achievement Awards, alongside receiving praise for its musical score.

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40 thoughts on “Plants Vs Zombies FREE FULL VERSION Download ( FULL GAME)

  1. how to get plants vs zombies
    1. Get a fucking job
    2. get fucking paid by bitches
    3. buy the fucking game
    i did all the steps and i got plants vs zombies YAY

  2. wait a minute……wheres the make your own zombie and acheviments?
    i like it but it feels werid without the stuff………..are you really sure this is the FULL-

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