Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds PC vs MOBILE – GAMEPLAY (PUBG)

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DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]

Track: LFZ – Popsicle [NCS Release]
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46 thoughts on “Player Unknown's Battlegrounds PC vs MOBILE – GAMEPLAY (PUBG)

  1. Playing pubg in mobile is lot easier as compared to pubg pc because we don't have aimbot in pubg pc but in mobile we have

  2. They look exactly the same to me. Except pubg mobile has more interesting game modes and better skins

  3. I think the major differences are the enemy indicator in the pubg mobile which isn't available on pc version which also makes the pc version harder to spot enemy

  4. 2 years ago but today the Graphics of its mobile was tremendously Highly graphics at the max settings.

  5. Things Mobile does better
    1) More gamemodes
    2) Zombie mode is better
    3) Runs better considering the standards
    4) Free
    5) More missions
    6) just more fun and casual

    Things PC does better
    1) gets updates faster
    2) Runs better
    3) better community
    4) Better graphics
    5) 15x scope actually exist
    6) Less hackers

  6. don't worry pubg mobile will beat graphics because now there is capable mobile to run hdr extreme and more. i guess you don't have

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