Unit 8 English 9 – Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương 9 (VII – IX)
VII. Join a sentence in column A to a suitable sentence in column B, using though/ although/ even though. A 1. He has a very important job. The room wasn’t warm. (even though) 2. She wasn’t wearing a coat. We didn’t like them very much. (even though) I’d met her twice before. (though) He isn’t particularly well-paid. (although) 3. I had never seen her before. 4. No one laughed. 5. We thought we’d better invite We’ve known each other for a long time. them to the party. 6. I didn’t speak the language. 7. The heating was on. 8. I didn’t recognise her. 9. Emma was offered a job. (although) She turned it down. (although) I recognised her from a photograph. (although) The joke was funny. (although) It was quite cold. (though) I managed to make myself understood. (although) 10. We’re not very good friends.
VIII. Complete the sentences by using either even though or because. 1. Susan didn’t lcarn French 2. Tam speaks English well 3. I put on my sunglasses 4. I put on my sunglasses 5. My father always helped me with my homework 6. My father never helped me with my homework 7. Tim’s in good shape physically 8. Larry’s in good shape physically 9. I like living in the dormitory 10. I don’t like living in the dormitory IX. Make one sentence from two. Use the word(s) in brackets. 1. The forecast said it would rain. It turned out to be a beautiful day. (although) she lived in France for a year. he lived in the USA for three years. it was dark, cloudy day. the sun was bright. he was busy. he was busy. he doesn’t get much exercise. he gets a lot of exercise. it is noisy. it is noisy. 2. I’m no better. I’ve taken the pill. (Even though) 3. I told the absolute truth. No one would believe me. (but) 4. He didn’t notice the sign. It was right in front of him. (though) 5. Jason was very tired. Ile leant back and closed his eyes. (becausei 6. I’m learning French. I like learning French. (and) 7. You can’t speak to Tim at the moment. He’s sleeping. (so) 8. Nobody would recognise him. He wore glasses and false beard. (sc that) 9. Nick had nowhere to go. He slept on the park beneh. (since) 10. Simon couldn’t come to the meeting. He was busy. (therefore) X. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. 1. Tet is a festival which occurs 2. New Year’s Day is 3. Family members who live apart try to be together Auld Lang Syne is sung late January or early February. January 1st. Tet. 4. New Year’s Eve.5. 1 congratulate Susan 6. The school has taken part 7. I’m always proud passing her exam. the festival since 1997. my father and love him so much. 8. It took hours to free the victims 9. Tet is the most important celebration 10. She could not distinguish one child the collapsed building. Vietnamese people. another.

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